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BioPirate – Bed Bug Pirate -Three Trigger Pull

In September 2012 Atomes Laboratory, Montreal.CA conducted treatment testing on BioPirate – Bed Bug Pirate With a Three Trigger Pull, an mortality rate of 98% was achieved with 30 minutes after application Upon completion of the study, BioPirate – Bed Bug Pirate had 100% mortality rate. Conclusion: BioPirate – Bed Bug Pirate is an effective   

Bed Bug Pirate and Luggage Spray

BioPirate – Bed Bug Pirate and Luggage Spray contains 100% EPA exempt ingredients. This product’s ingredients have satisfied the conditions to qualify for exemption from registration under 25(b) FIFRA. According to the EPA (2009): “Minimum risk pesticides are a special class of pesticides that are not subject to federal registration requirement because their ingredients, both   

Ready to Use – Bed Bug Pirate

Ready to Use Biodegradable Safe for indoor/outdoor use 100% mortality 3 days later* Will not Stain fabric Pleasant aroma Made in Canada

Biopirate – Bed Bug Pirate

BioPirate – Bed Bug Pirate is an all-natural, non-pesticide solution that repels and kills bed bugs by removing the protective layer (integument) of their exoskeleton, causing death through dehydration.   Bed Bugs are exoskeleton that protects them from drying out BioPirate – Bed Bug Pirate is a desiccant that works by dehydrating bed bugs and   

Bed Bugs are not a Housekeeping Problem,

If you keep a clean house, and stay in nice hotels, you may feel far removed from the resurgent problem of bedbugs. The modern day world looks on the old-world problem of bed bugs as something that plagued the dirty and uncivilized. If only this were true! It took very serious chemical warfare, including use   

The Problem With Home Remedies for Bed Bugs

Although there are a number of home remedies associated with the control of bed bug populations, it is advised that a pest control professional be contacted to address an infestation. Before administering any treatment of a pest problem, it is imperative that the pest be positively identified. Many pests appear similar to bed bugs and   

Bed Bug Organic Cures: Natural and Homeopathic

Throughout history, humans have employed a host of home remedies to eliminate bed bug infestations. A natural or homeopathic choice is cedar oil. This and other homeowner-administered remedies are largely ineffective at eliminating an infestation. For the most effective bed bug elimination methods, contact your local pest control professional to schedule an inspection and to   

How i prevent bed bug s from entering my apartment or home ?

Although even the cleanest homes and hotels can have bed bugs, regular inspection and house cleaning, including vacuuming your mattress, can help prevent or discover an infestation in its early stages. Clean up clutter to help reduce the number of places bed bugs can hide and to make inspection easier. Seal cracks and crevices with   

Life Cycle at Bed Bug

Bed bugs are found across the globe from North and South America, to Africa, Asia and Europe. Although the presence of bed bugs has traditionally been seen as a problem in developing countries, it has recently been spreading rapidly in parts of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other parts of Europe. Bed   

Bed Bug Pirate ® Natural Bed Bug Killer

Bed Bug Pirate ® Natural Bed Bug Killer is an all-natural, non-pesticide solution that kills adult bed bugs by breaking down their exoskeleton. Made from clove and peppermint oil, it is non-toxic and can be used around people and pets. Spray on mattresses, bedding, carpets, furniture, curtains, clothing and any other infested areas. Great for   

What are Bed Bugs?

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How do Bed Bugs get into your home?

Bed bugs hide in small crevices and may accompany luggage, furniture, clothing, pillows, boxes, and other such objects as stowaways when moved between apartments, homes and hotels. Used furniture, particularly bed frames and mattresses, are of greatest risk of harboring bed bugs and their eggs. Thus, you should carefully scrutinize and consider the history of   

Bed Bugs characteristic

What do Bed Bugs look like? Bed bugs are oval in shape from the top, but are flattened from top to bottom when viewing them from the side and are generally the size of an apple seed. Their color ranges from nearly white (just after molting) or a light tan to a deep brown or